As the Lord Lives

Then the king vowed and said, “As the Lord lives, who has redeemed my life from every distress…

                        1 Kings 1:29



One of the names of God in the Bible is “The Living God”.   It is a title that permeates throughout the entirety of the Bible.  God refers to Himself as the “living God”, the patriarchs of the faith on both the old and new testament speak of Him by this name, and what has caught my attention is not only that it is also a key phrase in His covenant making with us but how much comfort meditating on this brings.


Many times in the scriptures the heroes of the faith make statements like David does in the above passage, “as the Lord lives…” it is a statement that sets up the statement following it as absolutely binding in truth and action.  It is the way that God talks to Israel throughout the old Testament when He makes declarations to them.  But why is it such an important statement?


My sister wrote a song a long while back that sings the scripture above as the bridge.  I was playing this song on the piano the other evening having my own moment of praise and worship and as I sang those words my heart welled up within me.  He is alive and near to us.  He is actively reaching into the depths of our lives and with more concern then we could ever have for our well-being.  He is meticulously guiding, comforting, gracing, empowering, blessing, spreading Mercy over and enrapturing every part of our existence.   He lives.  He is the living God.  I know we are used to thinking about the fact that He lives in reference to the resurrection, but the Old Testament men of faith were actively using this name before the resurrection occurred.  He LIVES, now and forever.  And He predicates His promises to our lives on the fact that He is ALIVE.  There are so many passages where He says, “’As I live’, declares the Lord, “ and then He promises or exhorts and reproves.  I find myself stopping now and again to remember that He is alive.  He is the living God, not just on Easter morning, but now and forever.  He is alive and able to meet me in every moment of my life even when I am unable to lift my head and reach for Him.  Life flows from Him and into the depths of our being. His power is at work in us and toward us on a daily basis making us able to avail of His never ending lovingkindness.  All that makes up the promises of God and our destiny in Him hinge on the fact that He is the living God.


As I played that bridge and worshiped Him, I found so much comfort in this.  He is alive and He has and will redeem my life from every distress.  I pray that you might be encouraged in knowing that He lives and that His love for you is ever vibrant with life and power.  Praise the Lord!