Just Believe

Mark 5:35,36

As a parent, I feel like I know exactly the kind of fear that was trying to consume Jairus' heart as he sought out Jesus. His daughter was dying and he was seeking the One he had heard about that could heal the sick. Just as he sees Jesus and is desperately trying to reach Him through the crowds, a messenger from his home finds Jairus and stops him in his tracks. "She's dead. Don't bother Jesus."

Having not yet even met or seen Jairus, Jesus over hears this, (I wonder if He could feel the gut-wrenching anguish that over-took Jairus at the sound of those words)
and before crippling fear had a chance to sink its claws deep into Jairus, Jesus locks eyes with him, and speaks these soul-piercing words, "Don't be afraid, just believe."

Today as you read this, no matter what circumstances you face, I hope that you too will hear the voice of Jesus saying, "Just believe!"  That you'll run to the Bible and let the words you read there penetrate deep into your heart and cause your faith to rise to new heights.

Jesus followed Jairus to his home that day and did indeed raise his daughter from the dead. And He still has the power to raise you to life today!