They Still Know

Mark 4:35-41

Imagine getting on a boat with Jesus because He says He wants to go to the other side. Seems pretty simple. Okay, Jesus, let's go. But then a furious storm starts and now you find yourself fearing for your life as waves crash into your boat. And to really drive home that fear, the very person you followed onto the boat, the person you trusted, is sleeping through it! I'm sure my response, just like the disciples, would be to wake Him up shouting, "Don't you care if we drown?!"  I'd skip right past "hey wake up and look at what's happening" and past "can you do something about it?" and go right to "don't you care?"  

In fact, that's exactly what I often do. As I follow God on this incredible journey, when storms come and my boat is badly rocked I usually jump right to saying "God, don't you care that I'm drowning here?!" I find that as I get closer to God and learn to trust Him more it's easier for me to be let down when I don't understand the trials I face. BUT that's when I look beyond my feelings and remind myself that the wind and the ways STILL know His name. The powerful name of Jesus! 

When the disciples woke Jesus in the boat with their fearful "don't you care" screams, Jesus rebukes the storm and says, "Quiet! Be still!" Then the disciples were terrified and said to each other, "...even the wind and the waves obey Him." 

Yes my friend, they still do. He is the same God He was and will ever be and He can silence the storms in our lives. And I make the choice everyday, come what may, to believe He is who He says He is. So if you need a faith boost today remember this....the wind and the waves still know His name.