Generational Faith

As a new parent, the overwhelming responsibility and task of parenting can sometimes weigh on me. That’s when I run to God and seek His word for daily wisdom, instruction and hope. Every time I have needed advice, good counsel, or strategy, I have found it in His word, in the Bible. Lately the importance of instruction has been on my mind, and as I was doing my readings in Genesis I noticed something by studying the genealogy listed in chapters 4:16-5:32 and comparing two parallel lines of offspring: 

In just 7 generations from Adam we have Lamech, Cain’s progeny, and we have Enoch, Seth’s progeny. And it couldn’t be more night and day! 

Lamech is boasting to his two wives about killing a man for injuring him, and meanwhile Enoch is “walking with God” and gets translated to Heaven! 

What a picture of the importance of parenting and of passing down instruction and values generationally.

Lamech says, in his boastful song, that “if Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, then Lamech seventy-sevenfold.” Gen 4:24 

What’s interesting is that we can see that information about God was passed down even in this line of offspring, but they still chose to look only at the bad and refused correction. Instead of being like: “oh we should never kill again, that leads to separation from God and really bad stuff”, Lamech embraces the curse that was over Cain and pretty much curses himself ten times more. And he is boasting about it? It’s so crazy to me! So sad. 

To sum it up, what we teach our children matters, and what we say or do ourselves they will do ten times more. If we let God rule our lives, He will not steer us or the children He has given us wrong. We need to build our children’s faith up and instruct them out of the fountain of life, there they will find life and wisdom. 


Lord I pray that You would help me teach my son about You, to trust and love and obey You, that he may live a victorious life that overcomes the world. I pray that he would have such strong faith that he would teach his children and they would teach their children and so on for all generations. May their lives bring You glory! We praise Your Holy Name! And we thank You for the victory You have given us in Jesus! 

“ for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.” 

2 Timothy 1:12